• Geothermal Technology is proven technology

    Geothermal systems have been used for over 40 years and millions of units have been installed world-wide in commercial and residential applications

  • Geothermal heat pumps are the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC systems available

    Geothermal technology uses a series of sealed piping loops buried in the ground that tap the renewable energy of the earth. These loops create a better heat transfer medium than traditional air source systems. It is so efficient that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated: “Geo exchange systems are the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning system available today”

  • Geothermal systems are eligible for federal tax credits and state incentives

    Click here and check out all the available tax incentives available to you when you switch to a Geothermal system.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps keep your entire house comfortable year-round

    A new geothermal heat pump system from ClimateMaster heats or cools on demand and provides better comfort and humidity control. All ClimateMaster systems can be easily adapted to zoned systems, providing even greater comfort year-round.

  • A geothermal system can be used to provide free hot water

    Helping to reduce costs associated with hot water heaters.

  • No outdoor units

    Geothermal heat pumps from ClimateMaster use units that are placed in a basement, garage or utility room. This helps reduce noise, improves the look of your home and leads to longer system life.

  • All ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps are engineered for long equipment life

    All ClimateMaster systems are factory sealed ensuring quality. With indoor installation eliminating exposure to the elements, your new system lasts longer than traditional systems that are outdoors. Each compressor is engineered to moderate the compressor load, extending system life.

  • Self-contained compact units

    A wide variety of configurations including upflow, horizontal or downflow can be hidden from sight. Split systems are compact enough to be installed in closets.

  • No Fossil Fuel

    Improves safety, eliminates service lines, flues and air intakes and no site emissions.

  • Units are Energy Star certified

    Along with out Energy Star certification, out units are also certified by the ARI and the ETL.  The units are also manufactured in conformance with current ISO standards.