For deep savings on energy, look no further than your own backyard. ClimateMaster Heat Pump Systems use geothermal energy to tap the constant temperature of the earth, keeping your home comfortable year-round and saving you up to 80% on your energy bill.

Tax Credits

And now, you can save even more with tax credits. Save 30% off the total cost of installation with a recently implemented federal tax credit. You get to save money every month on your energy bill and significant savings off the cost of a new system.
Download the Guide to Federal Tax Incentives for Residential Geothermal Heat Pumps

Energy Star

The environmental advantages of Energy Star qualified Tranquility heat pumps are clear. Up to 80% of energy supplied comes directly from the earth and is clean, free and renewable. This means geothermal heat pumps offer the lowest carbon footprint of any space conditioning technology. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), geothermal systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems available today.”

State Incentives

Your state and local governments also offer incentives when you install a new geothermal heat pump system from ClimateMaster. Click the button below and see how much more you can save!
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