Creative Energy is committed to providing high quality training for our customers. The service and install class was designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the water and refrigerant side of a geothermal system. Creative Energy also provides a sales training class that was developed to help salespeople communicate the benefits of the geothermal system to their potential customers.

Today our inventory for geothermal units and accessories is valued over 1.1 million dollars and we serve over 357 customers. We are Climatemaster’s largest volume residential distributor in the neighboring 7 states. We have assisted in the design of ground loops for our customers ranging from small residential to 100+ ton commercial systems. Up until 2005, Fred worked the business by himself.

Today we have 7 people:

Fred Umble: Service troubleshooting, customer training and sales support for our team
Don Zeiset: Inside sales, inventory control, and assistance with unit start-up and commissioning for a new customer’s first installation.
Joe Zimmerman: Inside sales, warranty, and service troubleshooting assistance
Sharon Umble: Accounting and Warranty
Jeff McLaughlin: Warehouse and delivery
Shawn Redcay: Delivery

Company Timeline

mid 1980's

Our company began as Creative Energy Systems began in the mid 1980’s. Paul Weaver was the founder and owner, working to sell Command-Aire geothermal systems at a time when the local electric utility was promoting off peak thermal storage systems only. In 1989 Command-Aire was purchased by the Trane Co.


In 1995 Paul sold the inventory and customer list to Fred Umble, who changed the name to Creative Energy Distributors. The inventory was valued at $35,000 and our customer list consisted of 25 names. One month after Fred started, Command-Aire introduced the first units that were completely designed by Trane, called the GSUF line. They were well-built units, which played a part in the growth of the company.

Fred worked to expand the business by enabling contractors who had never installed a geothermal system to enter the market. The geothermal market has changed greatly over the years. In the late 1990’s PP&L eliminated their rebate program for geothermal, and stopped promoting the system through their marketing department.


In 2002 Creative Energy added the Climatemaster line in addition to Command-Aire. Our customers spoke their preference with their orders, and within a year, Climatemaster was our primary line. Several years later, Trane discontinued the Command-Aire label, and chose to exit the residential geothermal market. During these years our business was mostly new construction.


In 2006 the price of oil and LP began to rise, and the interest in geothermal increased greatly. When we saw this market increase, we made huge purchases for inventory and quickly got a reputation as the distributor that had product to sell. This brought more customers to us, and our service earned their repeat business.


In 2008, the federal government passed a law allowing a 30% Federal tax credit for the installation of a geothermal system which increased our sales again, but also increased the number of competitors we had in the market. Our business has continued to grow even amidst this increased competition because we are committed to serving our customers in matters of system design, inventory levels, delivery and even warranty matters.


In 2010 we added the Hydron Module line. Hydron Module makes a unit that can heat and cool through forced-air or heat water for in-floor radiant distribution. They also make water to water units in more sizes than some of the competition.